Shift Thinking

Shift Thinking

Shift ThinkingShift ThinkingShift Thinking

Discover, Clarify and Align Purpose

Impactful Leader Development

Learn Adaptive Communication  

Improve Psychological Safety


"When you change your perspective, you turn your frown upside down." -  Ninja Movie, Legoland

executive and leader coaching

be coached


It's all about YOU.  As an ICF certified coach, we work with business leaders. We will ask inquiring questions.  What are YOUR values?  What do YOU want as a leader or from a job?  How can I help YOU see things in a different perspective.  YOU have the answers.  It's easy, virtual sessions available. We coach middle managers in mid-sized business to Fortune 100 companies helping them align their values to improved business outcomes.

what's in it for you?


Coaching transforms the way we lead and work. 

A reliable process to gain traction on your most important work

* Increase self-confidence

*Adaptive effective communication

*Change relationships

*Engage in work aligned with core values

*Drives performance management

*Improves business outcomes

*Evidence based methodology


what client's say!


"Discovered a new way to look at things,  new ideas" 

"We uncovered different solutions than I already thought. I developed alternative ways to think." 

"Improved focus and clarity around my goals with a realistic approach to my goals" 

"I became self-aware with the ability to  use my strengths/characteristics to develop leadership skills"
Client data from anonymous evaluation survey. 

leadership development

mid level managers


Build leader skills in newly-promoted managers with technical proficiency management in business. Proved client directed strength based coaching focusing on using innate strengths and values to achieve the best outcomes. Strategically frame goals in alignment with desired business outcomes.  We facilitate leadership development programs, and can customize to your needs. Specializing in the hospitality and venue management industry.

improve communication


Are your new managers having trouble with effective communication?  Is your team not working together?  DISC is a communication style assessment that teaches people how to relate in the style the other person needs.  knowledge is a powerful tool  to break down the barriers.  As a Certified DISC Practitioner, 

We offer DISC assessments 

followed by a debrief with the client, and 

DISC Workshops, two hour, half day and full day.

leader development coaching


Many leaders get promoted from "doers" to management positions.  They don't have the leadership skills necessary to be successful in their new role. Through coaching, we draw out  strengths, create a plan to implement and  stay motivated to achieve goals.  In client directed sessions we work on understanding the impact of leadership behavior and communication style as well as clarifying understanding of professional goals.  Coaching as part of a  leader development program is a valuable follow up to ensure goals are met, and transformation occurs.